BLAZING TEAM TV Beast Wrangler Tiger - B011YZBX2I

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  • Unique line of yo-yos with different sounds, lights, and accessories

  • Level system allows kids to develop skills and move up to new ranks

  • Kids can test their skills by matching up with other Yo Kwon Do battlers

  • Visit for more games and tricks

  • Find inner balance and unleash the powers of light and darkness with Blazing Team. Based on the popular Blazing Team TV show, Blazing Team yo-yos let kids become masters of Yo Kwon Do, learning exciting tricks and swinging their skills into action. Blazing Team yo-yos are sectioned into levels, including Apprentice, Warrior, and Master, so kids can assess their yo-yoing prowess and train to move up in the ranks. These yo-yos feature animal plates, sound effects, lights, and other awesome elements. With Blazing Team, kids can join in on the fantasy and fun of Yo Kwon Do and challenge each other to epic yo-yo showdowns-just like their favorite Blazing Team characters.

    BLAZING TEAM TV Beast Wrangler Tiger - B011YZBX2I

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