Hanazuki Hemka Plush Red-Feisty - B01JMUULM0

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  • Red plush Hemka with expressive face

  • Pocket for treasure storage (treasures not included)

  • Hook-and-loop fasteners on ears to connect them

  • Link Hemka plush together and create a chain of moods (each sold separately)

  • Use smart device to scan into Hanazuki app for digital play

  • It's all up to the Moonflower, Hanazuki, to protect her moon and the many unique creatures who live there, including the Hemka. Goofy sidekicks to Hanazuki throughout her adventures, each Hemka represents an extreme version of a mood, expressed through their color. Their silly faces, short bodies, and long ears also help to show what they're feeling. Fiery and feisty, the red Hemka knows what it wants and isn't afraid to go after it.This red plush Hemka figure has an ultra-expressive, adorable face. Attach it to a backpack or around the wrist with the hook-and-loop fasteners behind its long ears. Link together the Hemka plush (each sold separately) to create a chain of moods. Stash treasures in its secret back pocket too (treasures not included).

    Hanazuki Hemka Plush Red-Feisty - B01JMUULM0

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