Squishable Mini Manatee Plush - 7" - B005ISH4DK

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  • 7 squishy inches of cuddly sea cow polyester fiber

  • Polyester fiber

  • Ages 3 and up

  • A squishable beast is the Manatee That most graceful of cuddly cows of the sea Tho' his looks may befuddle All he wants is a snuddle Oh please say that you'll make him your adoptee? Yeahhhh...Zoe is no great poet, no matter how long she sits with the rhyming dictionary. Luckily, this itty bitty cousin to our full-sized Squishable Manatee doesn't take a lot of selling. Basically, all it really needs is someone to say, Hey, look! It's a tiny Manatee! See? No iambic pentameter needed (thank goodness). Squishables are adorable stuffed animals in sphere form! They're unbelievably soft, freakishly cuddly and cuter than a basket of kittens and puppies. Mini Squishables are 7 inches tall and made of new polyester fiber.

    Squishable Mini Manatee Plush - 7" - B005ISH4DK

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