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  • The animal mask is made of high-quality latex, the horrible orangutan design, the color on the mask is specially treated, it is not easy to fade, and it makes it look amazing. You will immediately have a strong interest in it, bring this mask Joining the party will give you more attention.

  • The inside of the mask is spacious enough for any child or child. You will not feel uncomfortable wearing a mask for a long time. There is no edge inside. The material is soft and will not cause damage to the skin. You can see the outside through the mouth and nostrils after wearing. This may be a reason why it is expensive

  • Suitable for many occasions, Halloween, Easter, Carnival, costume party, holiday party or just to participate in fun activities. Anyway, you can use it in addition to Halloween, you can use it multiple times, which can save you a lot of money.

  • The mask is made of high-quality materials, thickened and easy to break, durable and easy to carry. This mask looks gentle and not too horrible. Even children can use it safely, suitable for all kinds of faces.

  • We insist on providing good service to our customers. If you are a person who loves life, loves to be funny, and likes an active atmosphere, you can choose our products, we will provide you with more choices. If you have any questions, we will The goalkeeper will answer you patiently

  • Product specifications
    Material: environmentally friendly latex material
    Weight: 300g
    Size: 30*30
    Appearance: animal mask
    Interesting: fun, color, creative design puts you in the role of the world
    Suitable for play: whether it is Halloween, birthday party, stage performance
    Package contents: 1* mask
    product advantages:
    ❤Creative design, more novel
    ❤The horrible shape of the orangutan is more eye-catching
    ❤ High quality latex material, not easy to break, will not hurt the skin
    If you have any questions, please contact us, we will serve you within 24 hours, I wish you a happy life.
    Please note: This product may have a latex smell when it is received. It can be exposed to a ventilated place for one or two days before use. If you mind, please pay attention when purchasing.

    Halloween Mask Animal Mask Party Makeup Props - B07H3T7B92

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